Felony Trial Division

The Felony trial division is responsible for prosecuting felony criminal offenses not handled by specialized divisions. Felony offenses are punishable by a sentence of death or confinement in prison or state jail. Such offenses include murder, robbery, sexual assault, burglary and major drug and theft offenses. The cases are assigned to a District Court after presentation to and indictment by a grand jury and assigned to a specific prosecutor who handles the case through any plea bargaining or through trial.

Pictured Above: Montgomery County prosecutor cross examines a witness in a trial as the judge and defense lawyer watch. Courtesy of the Conroe Courier

Felony Courts

9th District Court Judge Kelly Case
Chief Prosecutor: Andrew James

221st District Court Judge Lisa Michalk
Chief Prosecutor: Sheri Culberson

359th District Court Judge Kathleen Hamilton
Chief Prosecutor: Darla Faulkner

410th District Court Judge Michael Mayes
Chief Prosecutor: Joel Daniels

435th District Court judge Michael Seiler
Chief Prosecutor: Tyler Dunman

Division Chief

Jim is the Trial Division Chief.

A prosecutor in the District Attorney's Office since 1996, Jim has served as Chief Felony Prosecutor in the 9th, 221st, 284th, 359th, 410th & 435th District Courts of Montgomery County. During that time, he has successfully tried cases ranging from capital murder to intoxication manslaughter to child and adult sex crimes to DWI-habitual offender, including the death penalty convictions of former death row inmates Larry Allen Hayes and Keith Steven Thurmond. Jim successfully tried the first case involving the use of the Texas DNA database (CODIS) in Montgomery County and obtained the first trial conviction of a Montgomery County defendant under the Texas autolife habitual sex offender law. He has obtained three Life sentences from Montgomery County juries for 3 sexually violent predators who violated their civil commitment requirements. Jim previously served as Chief of the Intake/Grand Jury Division.

Jim was recognized as Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in 1995 and was re-certified in 2000, 2005, & 2010. He is one of 7 prosecutors with the District Attorney's Office to attain that distinction. Jim also assists Montgomery County law enforcement as a jail intake prosecutor at night and on weekends, in addition to his duties as trial prosecutor and Trial Division Chief.


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