Specialized Prosecutions Unit
The Specialized Prosecutions Unit (SPU) is responsible for all criminal cases from Sexual Assaults of Children, Online Solicitation of Children, Child Porn, Computer Fraud, Financial Crimes, Drug Trafficking, Civil Litigation, Animal Cruelty, and Vehicular Crimes.  Warren Diepraam is the chief of the SPU.  The SPU prosecutors generally handle these cases as vertical prosecutions from the investigation all the way through the trial process.  The vertical prosecution process allows for consistency for victims and law enforcement. 


Pictured Above: NHTSA Director David Strickland, Warren Diepraam, USDOT Secretary Ray LaHood, and MADD President Laura Dean-Mooney at a press conference in Washington DC.



Specialized Prosecutions Unit
Division Chief:  Warren Diepraam

Warren is the Specialized Prosecutions Unit Chief. A graduate of the University of Houston and the South Texas College of Law, he created the state’s first vehicular crimes callout teams and also pioneered several types of prosecutions against impaired or reckless drivers. He was the first person in the state to successfully prosecute a habitual DWI offender for first degree murder. Warren created the “No Refusal Holiday” program in Texas bringing prosecutors, police, nurses, judges, and others into centralized facilities to process impaired drivers and obtain blood search warrants for those that refuse to provide a voluntary sample after being arrested for DWI. This lifesaving program has now been adopted in one form or another in many Texas counties and at least twelve states across the nation.  Because of his work in this field, Warren served as the nation's representative to the National Highway Traffis Safety Administration and still assists local, state, and national agencies with impaired driving issues.

In addition to many local awards, Warren has been voted the nation’s top vehicular crimes prosecutor by the National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Warren is one of only two Texas prosecutors to ever receive the MADD National Criminal Justice Award for Prosecutors.  His programs have also been recognized by the US Department of Transportation, the National Transportation Safety Board, the Governor's Highway Safety Association, and others.  He is a frequent guest on local, national, and international media outlets including Foxnews, MSNBC, CNN, 60 Minutes, the BBC, and Nightline.

Warren has been published on numerous topics such as homicides, prosecutorial ethics, DWI cases, and vehicular homicide.  He is a frequent speaker at conferences in the county and accross the nation on these topics.  As a trial lawyer, Warren has handled more than 200 jury trial cases during his career from Capital Murder to Misdemeanor DWI.









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