Vehicular Crimes Unit

The Vehicular Crimes Team is a sub-division of Specialized Prosecutions.

MCDA - Remove Impaired Drivers (RID) Team

The Montgomery County District Attorney, Brett Ligon, in partnership with Constable Rowdy Hayden and Sheriff Tommy Gage has established a DWI RID Team to remove our county's most dangerous drivers from our roads.


Montgomery County has the deadliest roads in the state where citizens face the significant threat of violence. Additionally, DWI is the number one crime committed in the county and is increasing fast.  In order to address this significant problem, the District Attorney, Brett Ligon, has authorized the creation of a specialized group of prosecutors in an effort to prevent this crime from occurring. The Vehicular Crimes Section was created in June of 2009.

The Vehicular Crimes Section is composed of ten prosecutors and various area police officers created by the District Attorney to foster a closer working relationship with police officers responding to fatal crash scenes as well as police officers enforcing our Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and Boating While Intoxicated (BWI) laws. The purposes of this section are to handle all traffic fatalities or cases involving serious crashes with major injuries and to coordinate as well as staff the District Attorney’s “No Refusal DWI/BWI Holiday Program.” Prosecutors volunteer their time to serve the citizens of the community in this project and are supervised by Warren Diepraam, a prosecutor who has received significant training in this field. The assistance provided to police officers ensures that the evidence is more likely to be preserved and admitted at trial. Because of the unique evidence in these types of cases and the complicated laws governing them, the team is able to more effectively handle and prosecute these cases for the citizens of Montgomery County.



 Above:  Warren Diepraam assists Sgt. Angela Fountain with a 5 person fatal crash reconstruction on SH 249.

Below:  No Refusal Coordinators, Andrew James and Tyler Dunman, discuss the merits of the Sheriff's Breath Alcohol testing Van (BAT Van).



No Refusal

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Warren Diepraam
Unit Chief

Warren Diepraam is a nationally recognized prosecutor who speaks at numerous conferences on traffic safety and DWI related issues.  As the Specialized Prosecutions Bureau Chief, he is also in charge of the Vehicular Crimes Team and the District Attorney Response Teams (DART).






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