Public Integrity

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Public Integrity Division ensures that public and appointed officials, and their subordinates, fulfill their legally mandated duties. To this end, the District Attorney’s Office investigates and prosecutes criminal misconduct at all levels of public service including city, county, and state. Under the Texas Penal Code, the term “public servant” includes law enforcement officers, jurors, government agents and attorneys, and elected or appointed officials. Typical criminal offenses prosecuted against public servants by this office include abuse of official power through misuse of public funds or property, theft by a public servant, tampering with government records, and official oppression. The District Attorney’s Office has concurrent jurisdiction with the Attorney General to prosecute abuse of office crimes.

The ultimate goal of the Public Integrity Group and the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office is to increase the public’s confidence in its elected and appointed officials.

Above:  First Assistant, Phil Grant, discusses a case with local law enforcement.




Chief Prosecutor:  Tyler Dunman   


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