Intake Division

The Intake Division is generally responsible for the coordination and review of all felony cases and Class A & B misdemeanors filed with our office by the various law enforcement agencies in Montgomery County. The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office (MCDAO) handles the prosecution of offenders arrested by police agencies or suspected of committing crimes by the police.  The MCDAO generally does not conduct investigations since that is the responsibility of law enforcement.  Any citizen wishing to report a past crime should contact the police agency that has jurisdiction.  All emergencies should be reported to 911 immediately.

Police officers who have arrested an individual in Montgomery County prepare an arrest record at the jail.  This document is then used by prosecutors to generate a legal document called a complaint and information. The complaint and information are filed in all cases except those submitted directly to a grand jury. In addition, police officers prepare offense reports which are also forwarded to the Intake Division for preparation of charges. Police and citizens do not file charges or press charges.  That is within the exclusive purview of prosecutors.  In some occasions, prosecutors may request additional information from police and witnesses before filing a case.

Misdemeanor cases are filed with the County Clerk so that charges can proceed in one of the County Courts at Law.  Once the paperwork is filed with the County Clerk, the court records are generally considered public records and are available for review.  Police Reports are not considered public records. 

The procedure for felony cases is substantially similar to those in misdemeanor, except the records are filed with the District Clerk. Some felony cases may be presented to the Grand Jury for consideration of charges rather than have a complaint and information filed. In that case, the Grand Jury decides if an indictment is returned after a determination of probable cause. If an Indictment is returned by a Grand Jury, it is filed with the District Clerk’s office and charges then proceed in one of the District Courts.

The Intake Division is also involved in screening and participating in Montgomery County’s two diversion programs for drugs and alcohol. Lastly, the Intake attorneys assist law enforcement agencies with questions they may have prior to filing a case with our office and in preparing search and/or arrest warrants.  The Intake Division is responsible for the vast majority of cases.  Some complex cases are referred directly to the Specialized Prosecutions Unit such as Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC), sexual assaults of children, major fraud cases (generally over $100K), and vehicular crimes involving serious bodily innjury or death.




Intake Division Chief

Mike Shirley 








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