Meet District Attorney Brett Ligon

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A  longtime  Montgomery  County  resident  and  proud  graduate  of Texas A&M  University,  District  Attorney  Brett  Ligon  has  spent his entire   professional   career   in  the  area  of  law  enforcement  and criminal justice.  

He  began  his  career as an entry level college intern with the Brazos County  District  Attorney’s   Office,   and   later   as   a   jailer   in   the Montgomery   County   Sheriff’s   Department.    After   receiving   his degree  from  the  South   Texas  College   of   Law,   he   became   an Assistant  District Attorney with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.  While at the District Attorney’s office he was a misdemeanor and felony prosecutor  and Chief of the Justice of the Peace Division.  He left the District Attorney’s  office to  become staff counsel for the Houston Police Officers’  Union.  In 2008 and in 2012, he was elected as the District Attorney of Montgomery County.

Since being elected District Attorney, Brett has committed to helping Montgomery  County  lose  the  title  of  the   Deadliest  Roadways  in Texas   by   focusing   on   Driving   While   Intoxicated  offenses.   His  office has implemented No  Refusal  Weekends,  in  which  a  person suspected  of  driving  while  intoxicated  has  a  sample  of his blood taken if they refuse to voluntarily give a sample of their breath.   The No  Refusal  Program  implemented  by  the   District   Attorney   has 

received    national   recognition   for   its   creativity   and   efficiency increases.

He has  implemented  D.A.R.T., the District Attorney Response Team, which dispatches a team of prosecutors and D.A. investigators to the scene of homicides, officer involved  shootings,  and  traffic  fatalities involving alcohol, drugs, or reckless conduct.