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Pretrial DiversionS

Pre-trial diversions are granted at the discretion of the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office and are considered an extraordinary remedy to resolve criminal cases.  If granted a pre-trial diversion, a defendant’s full compliance and cooperation with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office and the Montgomery County Department of Community Supervision and Corrections (probation) is expected.  Failure to comply with a pre-trial diversion contract can result in the revocation of a defendant’s personal recognizance bond and the prosecution of the underlying case.  Pre-trial diversions are not to be taken lightly and are considered a remedy for individuals with compelling circumstances.  Not every defendant is entitled to consideration for a pre-trial diversion.

Project AVERT

Project AVERT (Assisting Victims Escape & Resist Trafficking), created in 2018, is a pre-trial diversion program sponsored by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.  The goal of the program is to divert criminal defendants from the criminal justice system who are: 1) identified as human trafficking victims or 2) at risk of becoming human trafficking victims.  Project AVERT utilizes a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) and partnerships with other criminal justice and community agencies to provide an individualized, holistic, and informed approach to human trafficking cases and at risk youth. The goal is to provide necessary resources and to ultimately reduce the harm of a final conviction for trafficking victims. To learn more about Project AVERT, send an email to ProjectAVERT@mctx.org.