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The citizens of Montgomery County have the right to expect that public servants will perform their duties in a lawful and ethical manner.  The District Attorney’s Public Integrity Division strives to ensure that elected and appointed officials and their subordinates comply with the law in the course of their service to citizens.  The division evaluates complaints of criminal misconduct by public servants and investigates and prosecutes criminal misconduct at all levels, including city, county and state government.  The term “public servant” includes law enforcement officers, jurors, school employees, government agents and attorneys, as well as elected and appointed officials.  Offenses prosecuted by the division include abuse of office, bribery, theft by public servant, tampering with governmental records, official oppression and other crimes committed by public servants in the course of discharging official duties.  The Montgomery County District Attorney shares jurisdiction with the Attorney General of the State of Texas for prosecution of official misconduct.  Above all, the District Attorney’s Office and the Public Integrity Division seek to strengthen public confidence in government.

Public Integrity Division